We are looking for someone who will join our community and follow us on our every movement. Someone who believes in what we do and the self care for themselves and the people around them.
We take being a  brand ambassador seriously and as an extremely talented individual you will be representing us perfectly.
The Rules For Joining Our Social Team

• Represent the brand in a multitude of settings
• Promote our brand on all social media platforms
• Generate brand awareness through word of mouth marketing
• Provide us with feedback on new and old products
• Have the option to assist with content creation 
How Does It Work?

After your successful application you will next receive a personalised email to congratulate you on joining our social team. We will simply require your email and postal address. Within weeks you will receive your first PR package. However, please allow extra time if we are out of stock of certain items. 

On receiving your package, we would love it if you could film or take pictures and upload these onto your channels. Please remember to tag @metanoiacompany, 

Have a little play with everything you receive and let us see your creations. 

• Initial reaction 

• Product break down and your look uploaded on your Instagram / Facebook / Tiktok / Pinterest page.

Free feel to send us your feedback via email, too. We love hearing your opinions and we’d be super grateful to know if you feel some things could be changed. Your thoughts are very important to us and as a brand ambassador we want you to have your say as much as possible. 

Benefits Include

• An invite to brand ambassador/press events 

• First look at new collections - you will receive free outfit(s) depending on the level you are recruited on.

• Be the first to test out and receive new and exclusive products and collections, before they go on public sale! 
• Discount code for you! 

• Discount code for your followers

• Get reposted on @metanoiacompany 

• We review your account every month, and, if hand selected by the team, we will contact you regards some extra special opportunities such as our affiliate program, takeovers on our page and much much more! 

The Boring Stuff..

If you’re successful, your profile will be reviewed again in January for the upcoming year. This is where we will consider your progress, how well you’ve represented us and how you’ve grown with us. At the time of your review you could remain a member on our PR list or unfortunately we might have to say our goodbyes. 

Although if we find you to be offensive in any way towards anyones race, sexuality, gender, beliefs or otherwise we can automatically take your out of our list without notice. Here at Metanoia Company we are strong believers of equity and diversity and we will not tolerate bullying, discrimination or derogatory comments in any way.
Have A Question? 
Feel free to email us at to speak to a member of the team.